Alekseeva S.A.


Scientific article

UDC 316.752

Abstract. In the modern world, mass media are an obligatory attribute of a person’s daily leisure. Therefore, the most urgent problem is the influence of the media on the spiritual and moral development of the individual, including the formation of values of patriotism. The purpose of the work is to study the media (on the example of cinema) as a factor in the formation of patriotism among the youth of Moscow on the basis of a specific sociological survey by the questionnaire method. It is determined that the majority of respondents have a patriotic position at the stage of formation. To a greater extent, patriotic attitudes are formed in young women, compared with men. It is confirmed that the majority of young people form their ideas about patriotism in the family circle, in educational institutions, as well as when reading literature. The role of cinema in the formation of patriotism is estimated low. It is shown that modern youth in the process of forming the qualities of patriotism is more focused on the legacy of Soviet cinema. It is revealed that Soviet films are recognized by the majority of respondents as the best works devoted to military-patriotic themes. Although in relation to modern military-patriotic cinema, the younger generation also shows an unconditional interest. The connection between the patriotic position and the high appreciation of Soviet cinema is proved. Thus, Soviet cinema continues to form patriots.

Keywords: mass media, values, patriotism, youth, cinema, social factors, media content.


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