Andrusenko V.A.


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UDC 336.64

Abstract: This article discusses the main approaches in the field of business valuation. In the context of state policy aimed at the active participation of the state in the management of large companies, there are a number of approaches in the field of business evaluation. is a necessary aspect. In many ways, the value of a business depends on the risk of losing future income. As a method of adjusting uncertainty, it is customary to raise the interest rate, which, for example, a bank or an investor will receive. Methodology. In the work, the following methods were considered for business evaluation: the method of discounting cash flows, the method of the capital market, the method of transactions, the method of industry specifics, the method of the cost approach. Calculation formulas of the listed methods are given. In conclusion of this topic, it is important to note that there are a huge number of methods for assessing the value of a company, each of them has its own characteristics that adapt it to a specific company, to its features

Keywords: business valuation, business valuation methods, revenue method, Gordon model


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