Ivanov P.P., Evseev V.O.


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UDC. 355.02

Abstract. The purpose of the article is to compile a scientific review on the problems of the development of the military-industrial complex (MIC). The relevance of the topic is due to both the policy of NATO expansion to the borders of Russia and the penetration of revanchist fascist ideology into the governing system of Western countries with the support of the institutional and shadow US government. The formula of smart power consists of two components: hard power and soft power. The defense industry, due to the diversification of products, is present in both components, which makes the study and solution of the problems of the defense industry especially relevant during the period of a special military operation, at a time when the military component of western countries becomes the basis of their foreign-political component. Methodology. System analysis, classification and comparative methods of analysis were used. Results. Based on the analysis of more than twenty thematic articles, a map of the problem fields of the defense industry has been built, root problems have been identified, which include personnel and their professional potential, as well as criteria for assessing situations. Data on the methods of analysis used in the study of defense industry problems are obtained, from which it follows that the methods of comparative analysis dominate. Recommendations aimed at improving the effective and sustainable functioning of defense industry enterprises are systematized. The conclusions emphasize the results of the study.

Keywords: scientific review, national security strategy, military-industrial complex, problem fields, research methods


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