Gromina Z.V.


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UDC 327:339.5

Abstract. This scientific article is devoted to the study of the dynamics of transit from a unipolar system to a multipolar one in the structure of international economic interaction. The article examines the evolution of the world economic system, analyzes the main trends and factors influencing the transition from unipolarity to multipolarity. The influence of this dynamic on various aspects of international economic relations, such as trade, investment, and finance, is also considered. The author presents the results of research and conclusions that allow us to better understand the processes taking place in the world economy and their impact on international economic interaction. Particular attention is paid to the interaction of political and economic factors in the structure of modern international relations, as well as the forms of interaction between the United States and China in the construction of current trends in the world economy.

Keywords: public good, hegemon country, multipolar system, international relations, stowaway effect.


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