Morozova Y.D., Laskovets S.V.


Scientific article

UDC  339.9

Abstract. Based on the analysis, synthesis and comparison of statistical data and program documents, the article examines the features and characteristics of the programs for the development of the innovation economy of Germany and Spain as representatives of different groups of states from an innovative point of view. In the paper the similarities and differences of approaches to stimulating the innovative economy at different levels of its development and the possibility of developing a single effective model of improvement are determined. The revealed differences in the goals and objectives of the programs, the scale of coverage of aspects of the innovation economy and similarities in the duration and level of implementation of programs suggest that these states need to practice an individual approach to stimulating innovation, but taking into account a number of universal principles. At the same time, a comparison of the primary effectiveness of innovation development programs in both countries with the peculiarities of approaches made it possible to formulate recommendations for their optimization, which can be used in the formation of strategies for the development of an innovation economy.

Keywords. Innovation economy, innovation development programs, German economy, Spanish economy, approaches to the development of innovation economy.


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