Tsvetova Elena, Davydova Yulia


UDC 373. 013 (07)

Abstract. The purpose of this work is to identify methods for the formation of patriotic sentiments among high school students. The main components of patriotic education are considered. The model of the graduate-citizen is presented. The personal experience of the authors in the formation of patriotic qualities in high school students is described. It is noted that in the context of the information war with the West, it is necessary to pay special attention to significant historical events that cause pride in the Fatherland. The authors draw attention to the fact that the formation of patriotic sentiments comes from the family, from the parents. Therefore, personal perception of the Great Patriotic War, through family history, through photographs and participation in the Immortal Regiment event, is the most effective for the formation of patriotism and citizenship. The activities presented in the article can serve as an example for other schools and class teachers, as they have shown their high efficiency.

Keywords: patriotism, citizenship, patriotic education, information war


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