Buneev T.


UDC 332.1

Annotation. The article discusses the prospects for the introduction of the digital system “digital twin” of the regions. The Tomsk Region is considered as an example where such a system can operate successfully and show effective results in innovative and scientific industries. Methods. For this purpose, the method of sociological expert survey, the method of comparative analysis of the effectiveness of design and innovation and scientific and educational activities carried out on the basis of the innovation and educational cluster of the Tomsk region “INOTomsk” is used. Results. Based on statistical information, the stagnation period in the scientific and innovative development of the region is determined. Conclusions. The stagnation period is a consequence of the underdevelopment of monitoring systems and the need for additional work on the collection and analysis of statistical information, insufficient interaction between residents of the INOTomsk cluster. Recommendations. To solve these problems and further develop the innovative economy of the region, an algorithm and a scheme of operation of the digital twin, based on the cluster “INOTomsk”, is proposed.

Keywords: digital twin, innovation and educational cluster, regional development, smart region, sociological survey, regional statistics


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