Evseewa T., Davydova Ju.


Abstract. The article analyzes the state of development of the sphere of intellectual property in Russia and the leading countries of the world, as well as the types of conflicts related to the illegal and illegal use of intellectual property. The urgency of combating the illegal use of intellectual property products is due to the following reasons: in developed countries, the share of intangible assets (IP) in the formation of GDP is up to 30%, on the other hand, GDP losses from copyright infringement and counterfeit products reach up to 10%. The article presents WIPO statistics on the world leaders in patenting in various industries and patent applications received by ten leading countries of the world. It is necessary to state Russia’s serious lag in this area, the main reasons that prevent Russia from making a rapid acceleration in this direction are listed. The statistics of conflict situations of violations of the rights to IP objects in the EAEU countries are given. The results of the work of intellectual Property Rights Courts are considered, statistics on types of offenses are given. The conclusions provide recommendations on expanding the possibilities of using the mediation procedure in resolving conflicts in the field of intellectual property.

Keywords: Intellectual property, WIPO, Rospatent, world leaders, patents, copyrights, counterfeit products, claims, conflicts, courts, mediation.


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