Popov A.Y.


Scientific article

UDC 339.1

Abstract. The main research is aimed at the impact of new geopolitical conditions, especially sanctions, on the agricultural sector, focusing on the example of the poultry industry. The article analyzes the consequences of imposing sanctions on the poultry industry, including restrictions on imports and exports, access to finance and advanced technology, as well as negative impacts on markets and competitiveness. Special attention is paid to the new geopolitical conditions, which include the change of trading partners, the creation of new economic blocks and the formation of new trade rules. Methodology. To study the relationship between the poultry industry and geopolitical changes, including the impact of sanctions, an integrative approach will be used to consider the agricultural sector in a broad context and assess its relationship with the geopolitical situation and the consequences of sanctions on the poultry industry. Results. After the introduction of sanctions, the state changed its approach to the poultry industry, taking into account the new geopolitical conditions. Changes were made in the development of the domestic market, diversification of export markets, improvement of product quality and safety, as well as in the development of scientific and technological innovations. The results and conclusions of the article can be useful for researchers, specialists in the field of agricultural economics, politics and international relations, as well as for decision makers working in agriculture and related industries.

Keywords: agricultural sector, sanctions, poultry farm, state support.


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