Skryl T., Nikolenko S., Kirillova V.


UDC 338

Abstract. The article discusses the basic principles of environmental justice and their relationship with economic efficiency in the context of the impact of environmental criteria on sustainable economic development. As one of the criteria, the authors took the MSCI ESG rating, presented by the Morgan Stanley rating agency, which allows determining the company’s compliance with the criteria of sustainable development within the framework of the implementation of the principles of the “green” economy. The MSCI ESG rating system is the most suitable for those who want to invest in sustainable development, as it affects all the necessary aspects of evaluating the activities of a company’s production within the framework of the development of a “green” economy. Based on the data obtained, the authors identified the least successful sectors of the economy in terms of the implementation of the principles of the “green” economy and the correlation of the criteria of the concept of environmental justice and economic efficiency.

Keywords: “green” economy, environmental justice, economic efficiency, rating, investment, sustainable development, environment, company.


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