Wang Jiaqi , Borkovskaya V.


 UDC  33.338

Abstract: At the end of 2019, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation has also entered a new era. This is both a milestone in China-Russia relations and a new starting point for China-Russia relations. Under the new international situation, China-Russia cooperation in many fields such as politics, economy, trade, military security, and cultural exchanges has made remarkable achievements. At the same time, doubts about the prospects for the development of Sino-Russian relations are also endless. This article is based on the development status of Sino-Russian relations, focuses on the future cooperation space between the two countries, and is committed to studying the future direction of Sino-Russian relations in the new era. China and Russia have mutual needs in strategy, there is huge complementarity in the field of energy, and there are extensive and deep links in the framework of multilateral cooperation. Therefore, Sino-Russian relations have broad prospects, and bilateral relations will also become a model of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation under the new international situation.

Key words: international cooperation, strategic partnership, Sino-Russian cooperation, development of Sino-Russian relations, risk, economic growth


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